It’s midnight. My room’s dark. I am sound asleep. Distant chitter chatter and the occasional clinks of pots and pans wakes me up. I sit up, toss my blanket aside and follow the noise. I see light peaking through from under the sill of the kitchen door. I tip-toe towards it and push the door open. And there they are. My parents. Laughing and teasing. Mom’s handing over the caramel crunch to dad, as he makes the final scrape across the sides of the cake…. And that my friends, is when I knew, that baking had a special place in my heart.

So Welcome! My name is Hira. I am a dietitian by profession and foodie at heart. While I love a good salad and a fruit smoothie, I make my fair share of chocolate loaded cakes and cheese-oozing comfort food. I believe in the end, it’s really all about striking a balance.

On this blog, my hope is to bring you guys recipes that are the cream of the crop. best of the best. Recipes that have stood the test of time. From food that satisfies your cravings to food that nourishes your soul, I bring you, with much love and effort, recipes that will always do right by you.