Chicken Chapli Kababs

Chicken Chapli Kababs

Juicy and tender, loaded with flavorful spices, these chicken chapli kababs are an all time favorite.

Edemame Hummus

Green and gorgeous, lusciously smooth hummus that will be your next favorite thing.

Anday Aur Sooji Ka Halwa

A classic winter-special halwa recipe to please your palette! Sweet, soft and easy to make!

basic vanilla cake

Basic Vanilla Cake

Pillowy soft, basic vanilla cake with a moist and fluffy texture. Classic vanilla cake has to be one of the easiest things to make and it never gets old!

coconut snow balls

Coconut Snow Balls

These adorable little coconut snow balls contain only 3 ingredients, and they’re ready for serving within 10 minutes! Delicious and so soft!

cheese muffins

Cheese Muffins

If cheesy garlic bread and cheddar biscuits had a baby, this is what it would be like. These cheese muffins tick all the boxes a perfect savory muffin should tick. Crisp and golden brown edges? Check! Crusty tops? check! Perfect mix of fluffy and chewy..

gulab jamuns

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns are the heart and soul of every desi person. These smooth, soft balls are among the most popular sweets at all the mithai shops. Luckily, 10 minutes of effort are all that lies between you and these blissful little things!

Cake Rusks

Cake Rusks

Crisp, golden brown, homemade cake rusks that are so, so easy to make! Everyone’s favorite breakfast or tea time dunking snack.

Chocolate Malt Cake With Maltesers

Chocolate Malt Cake is a a fantastic spin on regular chocolate cake. Rich, Moist, Chocolate-y with the additonal AMAZING flavor of malt!

mango sago cups

Mango Sago Cups

Chilled & creamy Mango Sago Cups are the definition of a refreshing summer dessert! Made with just four ingredients, these cups are incredibly quick…

chocolate chip walnut blondies

Chocolate Chip Walnut Blondies

The ultimate dense and fudgy goodness! Made with brown butter, these blondies host a blissful nutty flavor, with crunchy walnuts and melting chocolate in every bite…

Classic Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a classic Italian coffee flavored dessert that is made using expresso soaked lady fingers and a light and airy mascarpone cream.

Creamy Chicken Tikka Pizza

The sort of pizza that warms your soul! The earthy flavors of chicken tikka, the creaminess of the sauce and the melting mozzarella and cheddar cheese is the party in the mouth you NEED.

blackberry cheesecake

Blackberry Cheesecake

With a velvety cream cheese layer, crunchy graham cracker-based crust, and a delicious blackberry topping, what’s not to like?

chocolate malt cake

Chocolate Malt Drip Cake

A chocolate malt drip cake that is moist, rich and oh so chocolatey! This super easy recipe comes together in a giffy. Best Malt Cake EVER!

strawberry salad

Strawberry Boat Salad

Crisp greens and fresh strawberries with tangy pomegranate arils scattered on top makes this strawberry boat salad taste as pleasant as it looks.

thai crunch salad

Thai Crunch Salad

Crunchy salads are the best kind of salads, period. This Thai Crunch salad is loaded with fresh ingredients that make it true to it’s name; two kinds of crisp cabbage, fresh carrots, roasted peanuts and bell peppers!

fudgy brownies

Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Chewy on the sides, fudgy in the center and crackly on the top: The three doors to the ultimate brownie heaven! This fudgy chocolate brownies recipe creates super chocolate-y, loaded with…

chinioti mutton kunna

Chinioti Mutton Kunna

A mouthwatering Chinioti Mutton Kunna recipe for bakra Eid. It is so easy, as any kunna recipe should be, with tender, melt-in-the-mouth meat.

bakery style almond cake

Bakery-Style Almond Cake

A soft and tender Bakery Style Almond Cake, with toasted almond flakes, is the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast (or evening) tea!

dulce de leche icecream

Dulce De Leche Icecream With Hazelnut Caramel Crunch

Inspired by Latin America’s most cherished treat, this Dulce De Leche Icecream With Hazelnut Caramel Crunch will top your list of favorite homemade icecreams.

14th august cookie

14 August Butter Cookies

Simple yet delicious 14th August Butter Cookies made in celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day! They are crisp on the edges and chewy in…

My Edamame Hummus Featured in Fujairah Observer!



It’s midnight. My room’s dark. I am sound asleep. Distant chitter -chatter and the occasional clinks of pots and pans wakes me up. I sit up, toss my blanket aside and follow the noise. I see light peaking through from under the sill of the kitchen door. I tip-toe towards it and push the door open. And there they are. My parents. Laughing and teasing. Mom’s handing over the caramel crunch to dad, as he makes the final scrape across the sides of the cake…. And that my friends, is when I knew, that baking had a special place in my heart.

So, Welcome! My name is Hira. I am a dietitian by profession and foodie at heart. While I love a good salad and a fruit smoothie, I make my fair share of chocolate loaded cakes and cheese-oozing comfort food. I believe in the end, it’s really all about striking a balance.

On this blog, my hope is to bring you guys recipes that are the cream of the crop. best of the best. Recipes that have stood the test of time. From food that satisfies your cravings to food that nourishes your soul, I bring you, with much love and effort, recipes that will always do right by you.